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Fugenfux® and Blitzfux®


Fugenfux®, stands for craftsman know-how since 1996 and has been developed from practice for practice.

100% made in Germany – revolutionizes Fugenfux® grouting.

Fugenfux® Joint scraper – unique advantages

Fugenfux® – unique advantages

    • Ideal for every joint with all commercially available sprayable sealants (e.g. silicone sealants, acrylate, polysulfide and polyurethane sealants). And particularly well suited for narrow areas on window edges, curves or other hard-to-reach places. The Fugenfux® Groove puller handles all challenges with ease!
    • Thanks to the extended wooden handle the Fugenfux® puller will also handle very critical points, e.g. B. behind radiator pipes, no problem.
    • The squeegees (also called joint squeegees, smoothers or spatulas) from many competitors are usually unwieldy and dirty fingers are normal. Working with these products for a long time tires fingers and wrists disproportionately. The silicone cannot be removed cleanly in corners and edges. The solution – clean fingers and precise joints even in the most difficult places Fugenfux®.
    • In short, the sum of all the advantages of our Fugenfux® puller results in an enormous time advantage for the user. More running meters in less time with better quality results in maximizing profits.


Fugenfux® – special features

    • the long handle of the joint squeegee prevents silicone on your fingers
    • best handling and optimal guidance when pulling off
    • Also ideal for removing joints, even in difficult corners
    • the joint puller is shaped in such a way that excess sealant is easily removed
    • its slope leaves a DIN-compliant silicone triangular joint
    • through the double-edged edge the Fugenfux® puller have a service life that is up to twice as long as that of conventional joint wipers


    • both bevels of the joint wiper converge on a point, so you can work equally well on the left and right.

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